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Jewish Weddings

A wedding becomes more unique and meaningful when it is imbued with Jewish traditions.
All About Marriage in Judaism
Despite the dispersion of Jews throughout the world and the oppression of Jews by other nations, Jews have succeeded to preserve their religious and cultural heritage for thousands of years partly due to the sanctity of marriage and the resulting stability of the family. What is the Jewish view of marriage?
How To Celebrate a Traditional Jewish Wedding
Virtually experience a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. This step-by-step guide shows how Jewish weddings are celebrated.
What is an Aufruf?
What is the Aufruf ceremony that Jews celebrate in synagogue before a Jewish wedding?
What is a Chuppah?
Learn about the marriage canopy used in Jewish wedding ceremonies.
What is a Ketubah?
Learn the ABC's of a Jewish wedding contract.
What are Sheva Brachot?
Learn about the Seven Blessings recited in honor of the bride and groom. Find transliterations and translations of each blessing.
Customs and Traditions of Jewish Weddings
General, non-commercial information about traditional Jewish weddings.
Jewish Weddings
Eliezer Segal offers a series of interesting articles that look at the different aspects of Jewish weddings from a unique perspective.
If you are planning your wedding, this site is a must-see. It includes both general, background information about marriage in Judaism and specific, practical information about planning a Jewish wedding.
The Jewish Wedding Ceremony
Rabbi Mordechai Becher of Ohr Somayach provides an overview of the Jewish wedding ceremony - from shidduch to cheder yichud.
The Maryland Wedding Guide
While the purpose of this site is to sell, it is actually full of great content about Jewish weddings. Articles include Customs and Traditions of Jewish Weddings, How to Choose a Photographer, and more.
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