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Tu B'Shvat

Tu B'Shvat is the Jewish New Year for trees. In Israel, Jews plant trees on Tu B'Shvat. Outside of Israel, many Jews collect money for planting trees in Israel. The holiday is also celebrated by eating special fruits or having a Tu B'Shvat Seder.
All About Tu B'Shvat
Learn all about Tu B'Shvat, the Jewish New Year for trees.
The Seven Species and Tu B'Shvat
The Hebrew Bible describes Israel as a land blessed with seven fruits and grains, called the seven species or shivat haminim. On Tu B'Shvat, the Jewish New Year for trees, it has become customary to eat and bless the seven species.
Planting Trees in Israel on Tu B'Shvat
View photos of Israeli school children planting trees in Israel on Tu B'Shvat.
Aish.com: Tu B'Shvat
Aish.com, once again, provides high quality content about a Jewish holiday. Their Tu B'Shvat material offers both insights into the holiday and hands on guides to celebrating the holiday.
Akhlah.com: Tu B'Shvat
Akhlah, the Jewish Children's Learning Network, provides Tu B'Shvat traditions, blessings, vocabulary, crafts, quiz and Seder.
Hanefesh: Tu B'Shevat
Hanefesh, The National Assembly of Hebrew Students, gives succinct information about Tu B'Shevat, an explanation of how to celebrate, and recipes.
Jewish Heritage Online Magazine: Tu Bi-Shvat
This colorful presentation of Tu Bi-Shvat by JHOM includes holiday basics and customs, tree planting in Israel, Seder and the traditional recipies and food.
Jewish National Fund (JNF): Tu Bishvat
Jewish National Fund (JNF), also known as Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (KKL), offers online information on past and planned tree planting events in honor of Tu Bishvat.
MyJewishLearning.com: Tu Bishvat
MyJewishLearning.com provides different levels of information on Tu Bishvat, a holiday intimately connected to the agricultural cycle of the Land of Israel. The site includes a Primer, Quiz, Seder, exploration of eco-Judaism, and more.
Nurit Reshef's Tu B'Shvat Site
Music, color, and lively text make this Tu Bishvat site especially attractive for children. Great site for teaching children about the holiday. Includes quiz.
Ohr Somayach: Tu B'Shvat
Ohr Somayach offers an orthodox and advanced material on the Tu B'Shvat festival. Articles include: The Gematria of Tu B'Shvat, The importance of saying blessings on fragrances, Why do trees need a New Year?, A Tree, a Spring and Offspring, and more.
Project Genesis: Tu Bishvat
This page contains links to sermons made by rabbis about the holiday of Tu Bishvat.
Torah Tots: Tu B'Shvat is Here!
This colorful and musical presentation of Tu B'Shvat is fun for children and adults too. It includes stories, coloring pages and games.
World Zionist Organization: Tu Bishvat
The Hagshama Department of the World Zionist Organization offers a variety of resources and articles on Tu Bishvat.
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