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Kosher Thanksgiving Recipes

What differentiates a kosher Thanksgiving table from a non-kosher Thanksgiving table? A kosher turkey and non-dairy (pareve) side dishes and desserts. These recipes can help you to create a special kosher Thanksgiving experience for your family and friends.
Spinach Dip for Vegetables
This spinach dip can be served, along with fresh vegetables, as an appetizer on Thanksgiving. It is pareve (non-dairy), so it can be followed immediately by the turkey.
Kosher Turkey with Challah Stuffing
Celebrate the All-American fress festival with Jewish flair, by stuffing your kosher Thanksgiving turkey with challah.
Sweet, Nutty Fruity Lettuce Salad
This recipes for sweet lettuce salad is perfect for the Jewish New Year (Rosh HaShana) festive meal.
Sweet Potato Kugal
Serve pareve Sweet Potato Kugal along with your kosher turkey to give your American Thanksgiving meal a Jewish flavor.
Pareve Corn Bread
Thanksgiving without corn bread doesn't feel complete. This pareve (non-dairy) corn bread can be served right along side a kosher turkey.
Creamy, Sweet Peas
This simple recipe comes from my mother-in-law. I treasure any recipe that gets my kids to "eat green." Although it is made from cream, a pareve cream can be used so the side is isn't dairy and can be served with meat. This is the perfect side dish for a Shabbat or Rosh HaShana meal.
Roasted Asparagus
I just discovered how easy it is to roast vegetables, and how healthy and tastey the roasted vegetables are for my family to eat. Roasted asparagus is the perfect vegetable to serve with your kosher Thanksgiving turkey.
Cranberry Pie
For a sweet ending to a delicious kosher Thanksgiving meal, try this cranberry pie recipe.
Apple Crisp
If you want to serve an easy-to-make, pareve (non-dairy) and delicious dessert on Thanksgiving, try this recipe for apple crisp.
Pumpkin Apple Tart
Pumpkin Apple Tart is the perfect ending to any autumn celebration.
Pumpkin Flan with Pumpkin Seed Brittle
This Pumpkin Flan with Pumpkin Seed Brittle is for Pumpkin Lovers only!
Aaron’s Gourmet Emporium: Thanksgiving Menus
Aaron’s Gourmet Emporium, Inc. is a glatt kosher gourmet caterer. This link to the company's Thanksgiving page is included here because it provides ideas for different Thanksgiving menus, from the Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner to the ”I don’t like Turkey” Thanksgiving Dinner.
Easy Steps to a Perfect Empire Turkey
Find helpful instructions on how to roast a turkey and a number of other kosher food recipes.
Give Thanks for Fall Bounty with a few Jewish touches
This article, published in the The Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, includes scumptious Kosher Thanksgiving recipes.
Herb Roasted Turkey
A light recipe with easy preparation.
KosherDelight.com Thanksgiving Recipes
This site contains some really wonderful Thanksgiving recipes, including Turkey Pie with Cornmeal Crust and Cider-glazed carrots. It even includes ideas for what to do with the left-over turkey.
Libby's Parve Pumpkin Pie
A new take on the classic recipe from the back of the Libby's pumpkin puree can.
Low-Fat Pumpkin Pie with Tofu
This may sound strange, but the neutral taste of tofu carries this pie, and its consistency is remarkably similar to the traditional version. A good way to get some protein with dessert!
Maple-Cider Turkey
Enjoy a taste of New England with this innovative turkey recipe. I suggest substituting a neutral-tasting vegetable oil for the margarine; it's lower in saturated fat and stands up to prolonged cooking better.
Pumpkin and Tomato Bisque
If you want to serve soup for Thanksgiving, this meat (or pareve) soup recipe works well. The soup has a creamy texture, but it doesn't contain cream or anything dairy.
The Turkey Adventures
Follow along as the intrepid author of this web page brines, smokes, and serves a 22-pound turkey. It's an adventure, indeed.
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