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Sukkot Recipes

As Sukkot is a harvest festival, Sukkot menus typically include dishes with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Stuffed vegetables are often served for this Jewish holiday. Some say the stuffed foods, like small cornucopia, represent a bountiful harvest. Given the colorful surroundings of the sukkah and the harvest theme, I like to serve a colorful fruit salad for dessert. These kosher food recipes can enhance your family's celebration of Judaism's Feast of Tabernacles.
Traditional Chicken Soup
Chicken soup is a traditional Jewish holiday food. On Sukkot, I serve it with potato kreplach instead of with matzah balls.
Easy Kosher Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken pot pie is a great way to use chicken left-over from making soup. I use filo dough so the recipe is "easy", and I use pareve margarine to make the recipe "kosher."
Meat Stuffed Peppers
Stuffed foods are typically served for Sukkot. I find stuffing peppers much easier than stuffing cabbage leaves. And this dish is a colorful addition to the Sukkah's table.
Child-Pleasing Chicken Shnitzel
Unlike all the vegetables and stuffed foods typically served for Sukkot, chicken shnitzel is a sure-fire child-pleaser. I learned to make chicken shnitzel after immigrating to Israel, but my native Israeli husband still makes it better than me.
Israeli Couscous Stew
Since Biblical times, couscous has been popular in North Africa. Couscous, sometimes called Moroccan pasta, is a tiny pasta made from 12 semolina flour. Almost any stew can be served with couscous, but I like to serve this couscous stew - with pumpkin, onions, zucchini, carrots, and cabbage - for Sabbath and Jewish holiday meals.
Israeli Salad
Israeli salad works anytime, but I especially like to serve it in the Sukkah.
Aish.com: Sukkot Recipes
Aish.com offers Sukkot recipes that celebrate the harvest. They include Butternut Squash Soup with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Chinese Five-Spice Chicken, Garlic Spinach, and French Apple Tart.
Classic Jewish Recipes: Sukkot
Beef stew in a pumpkin, etrog jam, harvest festival fruit strudel are just the beginning of this Sukkot recipe archive.
Gourmania: Sweet & Sour Holishkes
Esther Schwartz, Toronto kosher food expert, shares a recipe for Stuffed Cabbage, which is a popular Sukkot dish.
Jewish Food List: Sukkot
Given this is a mailing list, the recipes vary widely. The site offers recipes such as Iranian Apple Delight, Quince Compote, Low-Fat Kugels, Pomegranate Chicken Wings and much more.
RFCJ Archives: Sukkot Recipes
This rec.food.cuisine.jewish newsgroup (RFCJ) site offers a great number of stuffed food recipes in honor of the Jewish Festival of Sukkot. In addition to Borekas, Kreplach, and Stuffed Vegetables of every kind, there are recipes for traditional holiday food such as challah, tzimmes and kugels.
The Holiday Spot: Sukkot Recipes
This site offers a five fruity recipes in honor of the harvest festival of Sukkot: Orange Chicken, Grapefruit Chicken, Apple Nut Cake, Bread Crumbs and Apple, and Apples in a Blanket.
Vegetarian Recipes for Sukkot
This site offers the following vegetarian recipes for the harvest festival of Sukkot: Beet Borscht, Cabbage Strudel, Potato Mushroom Soup, Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage, Eggplant and Cheese Stuffed Pita, Couscous with Dried Fruits and Nuts, Acorn Stuffed Squash, Ginger Almond Shortbread, Tomato and White Bean Soup, and more.
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