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Study Torah Online

Study Torah online. Participate in online seminars, take online parshat hashavua classes, or download audio files of classes.
The largest collection of Torah audio/video files on the Net.
A variety of quality online learning opportunities from online seminars to parshat hashavua classes to audio downloads.
Bible in Hebrew and English
A bilingual Bible (Hebrew-English in parallel verses) according to the Masoretic Text is now available online. This service is provided by Mechon Mamre.
Bible Quiz
The free, online Bible Quiz contains more than 3,000 questions about the Torah. The quiz selects questions from its database, thus no two quizes are alike. There is also a database browser for reviewing and printing the questions with the correct answers. Adults, as well as children will find the quiz entertaining and very educational.
Chabad in Cyberspace: Torah
Hebrew/English daily Torah Study Center plus archived, categorized classes on Torah. For Every Jew:
A place for all Jews to learn about their heritage and Torah. Includes fresh new insights into Chassidish philosophy.
Mesora Online Classes
E-mail questions on Jewish philosophy and get responses, supported by text of the Torah and/or the words of the Rabbis. Participate in our interactive, online classes.
Mishneh Torah in Hebrew from Mechon Mamre
There is the full text of Mishneh Torah in Hebrew according to the Yemenite manuscripts, which is the most accurate copy of Mishneh Torah currently available anywhere, even in print.
Navigating the Bible
Each page shows two versions of the Hebrew text: a notated version with vowels, punctuation and musical notation and an unnotated one, as it appears in the Torah scroll. An English translation and transliteration are also included. Audio files demonstrate the chanting of every verse.
Shuir Net
This site offers MP3 Shiurim online. The material is organized and categorized by speaker, topic, and keyword, and it is searchable.
Project Genesis: Torah Learning
Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Torah classes. Weekly Parsha classes too.
Tanach Online in Hebrew from Mechon Mamre
The full voweled text (no graphics) of the Bible with helpful punctuation. Searchable and well organized.
Tanach Study Center
The Tanach Study Center provides a structured learning program for self-study of Torah. The site contains online classes, archives, and resource materials.
Jewish learning that features a live streaming webcast.
Texts of Judaism
Sacred-Texts.com offers online versions of Jewish texts including the Torah, Talmud, Kabbalah, Midrash and more.
Torah Net
Click on any Torah Portion to learn about it. 
Virtual Beit Midrash of Yeshivat Har Etzion
Yeshiva style lessons in Torah and Judaism to students of all ages using the Internet and email.
Welcome to Chumash Studies!
A valuable resource for those interested in studying Chumash online.
Yeshiva Online
Yeshiva Online offers online Torah study to all, but especially to students living in remote communities that have little Jewish education available and to children who are homebound due to long term illnesses.
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