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Shabbat Prayers & Blessings

Learn about prayers and blessings recited during the Sabbath (Shabbat), the Jewish day of rest.
Priestly Blessing
What does Judaism's Priestly Blessing and Star Trek's Vulcan Greeting have in common?
Blessing the Candles
It is a mitzvah (commandment) for women to light candles to usher in the Sabbath day of rest. Read a succinct explanation of why and how.
Blessing the Children
One of the most moving Shabbat rituals is the blessing over the children given on Friday night.
Blessing the Wife: Eishet Chayil
Woman of Valor, Aishet Chayil in Hebrew, is a hymn which is customarily recited on Friday evenings, after returning from synagogue and singing "Shalom Aleichem" and before sitting down to the Shabbat evening meal.
Havdalah Blessings
What blessings are recited during the Havdalah ceremony practiced at the end of the Sabbath day?
Separating Challah
What blessings are said when separating challah?
Torah Reading, Finger Pointing
After the Torah is read and is about to be returned to the ark, it is raised in the air. Members of the congregation, while reciting a prayer, raise their little finger toward the Torah. Why?
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