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Salad Recipes

Living in Israel where the vegetables are so fresh and having a teenage daughter who only eats low-fat food, I am constantly making salads. Enjoy these salad recipes.
Aish.com: Salads
A variety of salads to compliment your main dish from Aish.com.
Bean Salad (Elizabeth's)
Just open up some cans, add some flavorings, and you have a healthy and colorful addition to your Shabbat meal. Enjoy this easy and delicious recipe for cold bean salad.
Cabbage Salad (Hazel's)
This cabbage salad is simple to make and delicious to eat. It is a regular item on our Shabbat table.
Cabbage Salad (Irit's)
Mix cabbage with pine nuts, sesame seeds and pecan pieces. Flavor with olive oil, soy sauce and sugar. Whallah - a delicious and healthy salad for your Shabbat table.
Cabbage Salad (Michelle's)
This cabbage salad includes Ramen noodles, seeds and nuts, and it is flavoried with oil, red wine vinegar, soy sauce and sugar. Festive and delicious!
Cucumber Salad
This cucumber salad has been a staple in our home since I got married. I pick a lemon for the salad right off the tree in our yard in Israel.
Israeli Salad
The secret to a really good Israeli salad is finely chopped vegetables. Fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from the shuk (outdoor market in Israel) make it a sure-fire success.
Lettuce Salad - Sweet, Nutty and Fruity (Paula's)
Whenever we get invited out for a Shabbat meal, my friends in Israel ask me to bring this salad. It is a neighborhood favorite.
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