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Purim for Kids

These are fun sites for kids to visit as they get ready for Purim. They include Purim games, slide shows, and recipes just for kids.
About Judaism: Recipe for Kids' Hamantashan
Hamantashan (Ozney Haman) is a traditional Purim pastry. This is a simple Hamantashan recipe which you can make with your children.
Akhlah: The Festival of Purim
Akhlah, the Jewish Children's Learning Network, provides Purim material including vocabulary, blessings, play, recipes, traditions, children's megillah, and more.
Chabad: Welcome to the Purim Festival
Chabad Maryland offers an online Purim game and slide show.
Chadis: Purim Crafts Fun Pages
This site offers original Purim crafts and recipes.
Joint: Activities for Younger Kids
The Joint Authority for Jewish Zionist Education offers a few Purim writing activities for children.
Lil' Hamantashen Storybook
Lil' Fingers Storybooks are animated stories for parents to read with their toddlers. Reading this hamantashen story is a fun pre-Purim activity.
Purim Masks
Hoidays on the Net provides masks of King Ahashverosh, Queen Esther and Haman that can be printed out.
Torah Tots: Purim
A great site for your kids to visit as they get ready for this fun-filled holiday. Fun games just as word find, letter link, and find the hamantosh. Coloring pages of Purim heroes and villains. Purim shpiel which your kids can perform.
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