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Jewish Prayers and Worship

A guide to Jewish prayers and services, as well as important rituals like putting on tefillin or lighting Shabbat candles.

The Jewish Shabbat Morning Service
The shabbat morning service is called shacharit shabbat. Learn more about the different prayers that are said by the Jewish community during this weekly service.

The Priestly Blessing
What does Judaism's Priestly Blessing and Star Trek's Vulcan Greeting have in common?

What is Havdalah?
An introduction to havdalah, a beautiful ritual that brings Shabbat to an end.

Separating Challah
Today "challah" refers to the bread eaten on Shabbat and holidays. Originally "challah" refered to the small piece of dough that was set aside for the kohen (priest) when making bread (Numbers 15:20).

Shehechiyanu Blessing
Judaism's Shehechiyanu blessing thanks God for sustaining our lives so we could experience this moment of joy. Learn more about why and when this Jewish blessing of appreciation for the gift of life is recited.

Mourner's Kaddish
The Mourner's Kaddish expresses the mourner's love of God and acceptance of God's will, even while the mourner is feeling great loss and sorrow over the death of a loved one.

What Is Yizkor?
Yizkor, which means remembrance in Hebrew, is Judaism's memorial prayer.

What Are Tefillin?
Tefillin are two small leather boxes that are worn by observant Jewish men during morning services. One box is attached to an arm and the other is affixed between the eyes, just above the forehead.

The Fast of Gedaliah
Tzom Gedaliah is a minor fast day that highlights the fact that the murder of a righteous individual is as tragic as the destruction of the Temple.

What are the 613 commandments?

Passover: Picking the Right Haggadah
The Passover seder can be a lengthy and daunting experience, so having the right haggadah can make or break the holiday. Having a haggadah chock full of fascinating facts, insights, and graphics can provide you, your guests, and your children with endless possibilities.

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