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Ask the Orthodox Rabbi: Prayer

Rabbi Shraga Simmons answers questions about prayer in Judaism.
Purpose of Prayer
Rabbi Shraga Simmons describes the purpose of prayer in Judaism.
Blessing for the Sun
What is the source for the blessing over the sun?
Kotel Prayer Notes
When did the custom of placing prayers on scraps of paper in the Western Wall begin? Who, if anyone, collects these prayers and what is done with them? What's the folklore, if any, around this ritual?
Ma Tovu
Rabbi Shraga Simmons explains Ma Tovu.
Shema - Covering Eyes
Why do Jews cover their eyes when they recite the Shema prayer?
Minyan for Mourner's Kaddish
Can an isolated mourner recite the Mourner's Kaddish without a minyan of ten men?
Prayer While Lighting Memorial Candle
When I light the yarzheit candle in memory of my father, is there a special prayer to be said?
Prayers for Soldiers
What prayers can be said for soldiers fighting in a war?
Shema - Origin and Meaning
Rabbi Shraga Simmons explains the origin and meaning of the Shema prayer.
Swaying while Praying
Why do Jew sway back and forth when they pray?
Un'tane Tokef
What are the origins of the Un'tane Tokef prayer recited on Rosh HaShana?
Women and Prayer in Ancient Israel
Did women pray along with men in ancient Israel?
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