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Is kosher meat the same as organic meat?


Rabbi Ari Enkin

Rabbi Ari Enkin

Question: Is kosher meat the same as organic meat?

Greetings Rabbi Ari Enkin,
I am terrified in what the farms across the United States are injecting our food with today. Is kosher meat and poultry free of hormones, steroids and antibiotics? Could you say that kosher meat is organic?
Thank you, Luiza

Answer: Dear Luiza,

Unfortunately, NO!

Kosher certification is all-too-often disassociated with the raising and treatment of animals before they reach the slaughterhouse.

That being said - there are kosher certifiers which do work with farms known for their organic and humane treatment of animals. Wise Kosher Poultry is one such kosher certifier.

Keep your eyes on the labels, and you will find what you seek.

Rabbi Ari Enkin
Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

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