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Hebrew Names for Girls (L-P)

Hebrew Names for Baby Girls with their Meanings


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Naming a new baby can be an exciting (if somewhat daunting) task. Below are examples of Hebrew girls names beginning with the letters L through P in English. The Hebrew meaning for each name is listed along with information about any biblical characters with that name.

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L Names

Leah - Leah was Jacob's wife in the Bible.
Leila, Leilah, Lila - Leila, Leilah, Lila means "night."
Levana - Levana means "white, moon."
Levia - Levia means "lioness of God."
Levona - Levona means "frankincense" so called because of its white color.
Li, Lee - Li, Lee means "to me."
Liam - Liam means "I have a People."
Liat - Liat means "I have you (feminine)."
Libi - Libi means "loved one, dear one" also means "my heart."
Lilach - Lilach is the name of a flower.
Liora - Liora, Lior means "I have light."
Liraz - Liraz means "I have a secret."
Liron, Lirona - Liron, Lirona means "I have joy."
Lital - Lital means "dew (rain) is mine."
Livna - Livna, Livnat means "white."
Livya - Livya means "crown."
Liya - Liya means "I have God."

M Names

Maayan - Maayan means "spring, oasis."
Maksima - Maksima means "diviner, performer of miracles."
Malka - Malka means "queen."
Mangina - Mangina means "song, melody."
Margalit - Margalit means "pearl."
Marganit - Marganit is a common Israeli plant with blue gold and red flowers.
Matana - Matana means "gift, present."
Maya - Maya means "water."
Maytal - Maytal means "dew water."
Mazal - Mazal means "star" with the connotation of fortune.
Mazhira - Mazhira means "shining."
Mehira - Mehira means "swift, energetic."
Meroma - Meroma means "elevated, high, noble."
Michaela - Michaela is the feminine form of Michael. Michaela means "Who is like God?"
Michal - Michal was King Saul's daughter in the Bible.
Milka - Milka means "divine" or "queen."
Miriam - Miriam was a prophetess, singer, dancer, and sister of Moses in the Bible.
Moran - Moran means "teacher."
Morasha - Morasha means "legacy."
Moriah - Moriah refers to a holy site in Israel - Mount Moriah, also called the Temple Mount.

N Names

Naama - Naama means "pleasant."
Naomi - Naomi was the mother-in-law of Rut (Ruth) in the Book of Ruth.
Natania - Natania means "gift of God."
Nava - Nava means "beautiful."
Nechama - Nechama means "comfort."
Nediva - Nediva means "generous."
Nesia - Nesia means "miracle of God."
Neta - Neta means "a plant."
Netana, Netania - Netana, Netania means "gift of God."
Nili - Nili is an acronym of the Hebrew words "the glory of Israel will not lie." (I Samuel 15:29)
Nirit - Nirit means "flower."
Nitzan - Nitzan means "bud (flower)."
Noa - Noa was the fifth daughter of Zelophehad in the Bible.
Noga - Noga means "light, bright star, morning light."
Nurit - Nurit is a common Israeli plant with red and yellow flowers.
Noi – Noi means "beautiful."

O Names

Odelia, Odeleya - Odelia, Odeleya means "I will praise God."
Ofira - Ofira means "gold."
Ofra - Ofra means "deer."
Ora - Ora means "light."
Orli - Orli means "I have light."
Orlee – From the Hebrew words for “light is mine.”
Orit - Orit is a variant form of Ora.
Orna - Orna means "cedar tree."

P Names

Pazit - Pazit means "gold."
Pelia - Pelia means "wonder, miracle."
Penina - Penina was Elkanah's wife in the Bible. Penina means "pearl."
Peri – Peri means “fruit” in Hebrew.
Puah – From the Hebrew for “to groan” or “cry out.” Puah was the name of a midwife in Exodus 1:15.

References: "The Complete Dictionary of English and Hebrew First Names" by Alfred J. Koltach. Jonathan David Publishers, Inc.: New York, 1984.

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