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What is Kabbalah's Red String?


Rabbi Michael Berg

Rabbi Michael Berg

Question: What is Kabbalah's Red String?

Rabbi Berg,
Please tell me what you can about the tying of a red ribbon around items like baby cribs to protect the occupants? Does it have to be a red ribbon? Why red? Do you do it before the baby arrives or after? How long do you leave it on?
Respectfully, Laurel

Answer: Dear Laurel,

There is nothing within Kabbalah about tying a red ribbon on a baby carriage. There is, however, the Red String. The Red String is protection against the Evil Eye, or powerful negative forces. The Red String is worn on the left wrist and made of wool. It is no ordinary string; it is charged with the energy present at the tomb of Rachel the Matriarch, in Bethlehem, Israel, and then packaged and shipped to Kabbalah Centres and students around the world. We often tie the string on a baby immediately after its birth. You can learn more in “The Red String Book” by my brother, Yehuda Berg, as well as in this article ""Red String Kabbalah Bracelet: Protection against the Evil Eye."

Blessings and Light,
Michael Berg

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