1. Religion & Spirituality
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What do Jews believe? What are the different movements in Judaism? What are some of the daily practices, like kashrut, that shape Jewish life? This section has information about all the basics of Jewish living.
  1. Jewish Beliefs
  2. Jewish Prayers & Worship
  3. Jewish Life Cycle Events
  4. Jewish Concepts
  5. Jewish Symbols

Jewish Beliefs

There are many aspects of Jewish belief. Learn more about everything from what it means to be Jewish to whether Jews believe in an afterlife.

Jewish Prayers & Worship

A guide to Jewish prayers and services, as well as important rituals like putting on tefillin or lighting Shabbat candles.

Jewish Life Cycle Events

From baby naming ceremonies and Bar Mitzvahs to weddings and funerals, these articles are all about Jewish life cycle events.

Jewish Concepts

Beyond what Jews believe, there are some key concepts the influence the way Jews relate to the world and other people. Learn more about these concepts here.

Jewish Symbols

The Star of David

Have you ever wondered what Jewish symbols like the Star of David mean? Learn more about this and other symbols in the articles below.

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