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Jewish Kosher Food Recipe Collections

Find the perfect recipe for your meal via one of these extensive compilations of Jewish food recipes.
Aish.com Cooking Corner
This site offers great ideas and friendly recipes for Jewish family cooking. Examples of articles are: New Life for Leftovers, Chanukah Specialties, Menus for Before and After Yom Kippur, Too Busy to Cook, Kosher Creative, Judaism starts in the Kitchen, and much more.
Archives of the Jewish Food Mailing List
A terrific compilation of recipes gleaned from an active mailing list. Lots of practical and creative recipe suggestions for holiday and everyday meals.
Aunt Ruth's Kitchen
one family created this site to store their family's favorite recipes. Apricot chicken, noodle kugal, mushroom barley soup, brownies and more.
Baker Boulanger
Extensive compilation of recipes from Marcy Goldman, the Canadian food writer and author of A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking. Clear instructions and creative recipes make this site a pleasure to browse!
Bridges For Peace Food Section
Essays and recipes on Israeli food and eating customs from Bridges for Peace, a Christian group encouraging understanding between Jews and Christians.
Cooking and Being Jewish
Ethel G. Hofman has more than 20 years of experience in the kosher food and wine industry. She is a past president of the International Association of Culinary Professionals and is food editor of the Baltimore Jewish Times and Philadelphia Jewish Exponent. This site contains both her articles and recipes.
Ethiopian Jewish Recipes
Limited selection of traditional Ethiopian Jewish recipes for dishes such as gomen (collard greens) and shiro wat(peas in spicy sauce).
Jewish Family and Life
A collection of innovative recipes and food-related articles.
Jewish Recipe Archives
Contains more than 7,800 recipes as of last count. A great search engine (allows Boolean searches) will help you explore this site!
Middle Eastern Recipes
Familiar recipes like hummous, couscous, and baklava, as well as less-familiar dishes from Yemen and the Persian gulf. Please note that, although many of these recipes are similar to Sephardic favorites, not all are kosher.
RFCJ Recipe Archive
An amazing resource for a huge variety of Jewish foods. With 36 categories to help you decide what's for dinner (or any other meal), you can't go wrong! Many topic areas begin with a brief article providing some perspective.
Ruth's Kitchen
Collection of recipes passed down from mother to daughter. Extensive selection of appetizers, main dishes, desserts...it's all here!
More than 200 alphabetized recipes for everyday and holiday use. Most are traditional Ashkenazic fare.
Tri-City JCC: Jewish Family Life
Recipes and how-to articles from the best of Jewish cooking, with holiday and Shabbat recipes, as well as kasrut tips--from Jewish Family Life, an online resource for Jewish families from the Tri-City Jewish Community Center (JCC).
Virtual Jerusalem
Extensive recipe selections, original feature articles from around the world, and a resident chef and nutritionist make this jam-packed site fun to browse.
Wissotzky Tea Recipes
Innovative ideas for cooking with tea from Israel's leading tea producer.
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