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Talking to Kids About God

Books to Start a Conversation About God


  • Days of Wonder, Nights of Peace: Family Prayers in Song for Morning and Bedtime by Mah Tovu (Behrman House)
    This CD and booklet is perfect for preschoolers. Put the CD in your car, and your kids will sing along.
  • In Our Image: God’s First Creatures by Nancy Sohn Swartz.
    This lovely colorful picture book creates a midrash about the phrase "Let us create humans in our image." God and the animals together make humans. A great starter for a conversation about how humans should take care of God’s creation. Wonderful book with great illustrations. Ages 4-9.
  • Adam & Eve’s First Sunset: God’s New Day by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
    This is a beautifully illustrated and sweet story about Adam and Eve’s (imagined) panic when the sun sets on the first day. The book can spark a talk about fear, trust and hope. Ages 4-9
  • I Have Some Questions About God edited by Joel Grishaver
    Read questions that an older child might ask, followed by various answers from rabbis and educators. Topics include: How do we know there really is a God? Can praying make someone well? Is the Bible true? Does God punish good people? The book includes activities too. Ages 8+
  • In God’s Name by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
    In this story, people connect to God in different ways and disagree about God’s name. The story illustrates how God means something different to different people. Ages 4-8.
  • Mommy, Who Does God Love? By Carla Dijs (Little Simon Publishers)
    This colorful, sweet, lift-the-flap book ends, of course, with "God loves Me!" This book is perfect for pre-K children and fun for parents to read over and over again. Ages 2-4.
  • Let’s Talk About God by Dorothy Kripke
    This classic has survived the test of time. The book provides colorful illustrations to quickie-poems about God along with longer descriptions. A poem-only read would be great for younger kids (3-5), while the book as a whole could suit older kids too (5-7).
  • Thank You Hashem ArtScroll Youth Series
    The cute rhyming format in this book encourages appreciation and awareness of God’s gifts. Ages 4-7.
  • Where Are You Hashem? ArtScroll Youth Series
    The storyline is cute, relevant and comforting for children. It includes good explanations. Parents who are not orthodox Jews may be uncomfortable with the presentation of God as being able to cure anyone. Ages 4-6.
  • Because Nothing Looks Like God by Lawrence & Karen Kushner
    This nuanced discussion of God encourages children to find their own answers, or metaphors, for God. Ages 4-8. The Kushners also have three shorter board-book versions for younger kids (How Does God make things happen? What Does God Look Like? And Where is God?)In these books, the Kushners introduce an abstract, omni-present concept of God.
  • Bagels from Benny by Aubrey Davis
    The message of the story is that helping others connects us to God. Ages 4-9
  • The Soul Bird by Michael Snunit
    Deep within every person lives a soul bird, and this soul bird has thoughts, feelings, and dreams. The book, with its delightful drawings and poetic text, encourages children to listen to their inner selves. Ages 4-8
In addition, these books may be helpful to Jewish parents:
  • Becoming a Jewish Parent by Daniel Gordis
  • Teaching Your Children About God by David Wolpe
  • When Children Ask About God by Harold Kuschner
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