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Israeli Stamps - Stamps of Israel

Collecting Israeli stamps is a fascinating way to learn about Israel's history. Philately societies and auction houses trade and sell Israeli stamps, and there are sites that portray the country's story on postal issues.
Israel Klussendorf Postage Stamps
This site aims to distribute knowledge about Israel Klussendorf Postage Stamps for the benefit of stamp collectors.
Israel Philatelic Federation: Stamp Catalog
Photos of new Israeli stamp issues, sheetlets and souvenir sheets are posted on this site.
Israel Philatelic Museum
Israel's Postal and Philatelic Museum was founded by the Israel Postal Authority, the Tel Aviv Foundation and the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, where the museum is located. The Postal and Philatelic Museum depicts the history of the postal service in Eretz Israel as reflected in the historical, social and political changes in the region.
Israel Philatelic Service: New Stamp Issues
Find dates, names and photos of the newest stamps published in Israel. The catalog goes back to January 1, 2000.
Famous Portraits on the Stamps of Israel
Sam Zwetchkenbaum is the creator of this fun and educational site that focuses on famous portraits on the stamps of Israel.
Israel Postal Authority
This is the official site of Israel's Postal Authority.
Israel's History through Stamps
Bert of Fullerton, California's Temple Beth Tikvah created this slide show using his stamp collection.
The Society of Israel Philatelists
The Society of Israel Philatelists (SIP) was founded in New York City shortly after Israel became a sovereign state (1948). The SIP us devoted to the philately of the Holy Land, Israel and Judaica.
World Stamp Championship Israel 2008
The WORLD STAMP CHAMPIONSHIP (WSC) 2008, under F.I.P patronage, will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel from Wednesday, May 14 through Wednesday, May 21, 2008.
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