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Israeli Recipe Collections

Israeli food is healthy and colorful. Prepare to feast with these links to the best of Israeli cooking online.
Israeli Salad
The secret to a really good Israeli salad is finely chopped vegetables. Fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from Israel help.
Beyond Milk and Honey - Israeli Recipes
From the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, traditional recipes from an Israeli kitchen. Most people agree that there is a distinctive Israeli cuisine, though like many aspects of the society, it is uniquely multifaceted. Here is a sampling of dishes served in the homes of Israel's varied ethnic population.
Daniel Rogov's Recipes
From Strat's Place, a pot-pourri of Israeli dishes from many different lands.
Foods of the Bible
From the Ariga site, recipes and Biblical references by an expert of natural foods. Phyllis Glazer's site has barley, wheat, the Seven Species - and all the foods mentioned in the Bible.
Gourmed Israeli Cuisine
Find traditional Israeli recipes for chicken curry, chicken paprika, honey cake, meat cholent, grilled herring with fennel, chocolate babke cake, salt herring with apples, Israeli fruit soup, Yemenite soup stew, Jerusalem noodle kugel, broccoli noodle kugel, potato kugel, challah (Sabbath Eggbread), chicken a la sabra, and St. Peter's fish with parsley sauce.
Jewish Food: Israeli Archives
From the Jewish Food: Recipe Archives, recipes for everything from chatzilim (eggplants) to falafel, couscous salad to soomsoom bars.
Shakshuka Recipe
No Middle Eastern menu can be complete without shakshuka. Every cook from North Africa has his or her own personal version of this egg and tomato dish.
World Recipes: Israeli Cuisine
If you are doing an Israeli Food Fair, this site has the perfect recipes. Find recipes for traditional Israeli dishes: Falafel, Hummus, Kebob, Meat Cholent, Chicken Paprika, Honey Cake, Carrot Salad, and Tarato.
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