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Jewish Humor

Everyone can enjoy Jewish humor.
About.com: Jewish Jokes Glossary
Humor is one coping mechanism that can help us to deal with trying situations. Here are a few jokes to make you smile, and perhaps even laugh.
Anecdotage: Jewish Jokes
Anecdotage offers several thousand humorous and/or inspirational items covering everything from acrobats and acronyms to zippers and zoos. Find their Jewish jokes on this page.
Avi's Kosher Jokes Archives
I think non-Jews as well as less religious, not strongly affiliated Jews might not understand these jokes. But others might enjoy them very much.
"This site currently contains over 910 Jewish jokes (with the naughtier ones kept separate); PLUS kosher lateral thinking questions; PLUS speeches; PLUS clean jokes for children; PLUS a dating test for singles; PLUS serious research on the medical benefits of laughter."
Good for a Laugh
Ten different Jewish jokes from Quality Time Communications.
Good for the Jews
A funny tongue in cheek perspective on politics and current events from the single perspective of  "Is it good or is it bad for the Jews."
How about a little Jewish humor?
Over 50 original and cute Jewish jokes.
Jacob Richman's Humor Pages
Jewish humor will put a smile on your face. Here are hundreds of jokes/stories with a Jewish angle. There is even separate sections for the Jewish holidays.
Jewish Angle
The Jewish Angle is a quarterly zine that looks at Judaism through the prism of popular culture. It includes essays, articles, fiction and poetry.
Lori's Mishmash of Jewish Humor
Most comprehensive collection of Jewish jokes on the Net. Jokes that might be offensive include a warning. Links to popular Jewish humor books.
More Jewish Humor?
I didn't find the jokes here particularly funny. But since "funny" is different for everyone, you might want to give this page a try anyway. 
Hilarious parodies of Broadway musicals you know and love!
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