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Passover Fun for Kids

The seder is fun, but what to do the rest of the day?


We slave away to make Passover perfect, with lots of cooking, cleaning, and preparations. It takes a lot to setup the seder commemorating the Exodus and Israelite liberation from slavery under pharaoh thousands of years ago.

Preparing for the holiday can be exhausting for parents, so what is a child to do while mom and dad are occupied or out of energy to play? How do you keep your little ones busy during the oft-lengthy seder?

We've done the legwork and collected websites with fun activities and ideas to make Passover fun and exciting, and maybe just a little educational. 

See something missing? Let us know!

Passover Bingo

Bring the Haggadah to life at your Passover table! An educational game, Passover bingo promises to keep adults and children alike awake at the seder table. 

Aish.com Fun for Kids

 Games, crafts, coloring pages and more!

What to Expect's Activities

Does a Passover scavenger hunt sound fun? This site has activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids, including a crafty burning bush project. 

A Spoonful of Passover

From crafty Passover plates to jazzed up Kiddush cups, your kids can create their own additions to the seder table. Also, check out the Disney-themed Passover activities. 

Passover at Chabad.org

With an entire page devoted to online and offline activities, Chabad.org has endless educational and fun opportunities for kids of all ages. 

Nick Jr. Goes Green

At Nick Jr., you'll find a fun frog mask and a matzah recipe cookbook, sure to please kids of all ages. 

Passover Printables

With nearly a dozen options, your kids will be busy coloring and creating. 

Ultimate Passover Crafts

iVillage has an amazing collection of craft projects, from plague place cards to a felt seder plate. 

Passover Papercrafts

With crayons or colorful paper and a toilet paper roll, you can craft your own Moses!

Making the Seder Fun

Keeping kids entertained can be tough, so try plague breaks and highlight the afikomen search!

Decorate the Seder Table

Having your kids create beautiful additions to the seder table, like colorful leaning pillows and matzah covers, will make the children feel more involved and the table more festive.

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