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Hebrew Calendar

The lunar calendar of the ancient Hebrews is still used in Judaism today to calculate the occurrence of Jewish holidays. This page provides links to information and articles about the Hebrew calendar.
Calendar Maven
A low-cost computerized aid to calculating Hebrew dates.† Free download evaluation copy available.
Easy to use Hebrew calendar that allows you to find the days and times of Jewish holidays and Shabbat for any year.
Hebrew Calendar
Yitzhok Mushinsky has developed this web-based calendar featuring date conversion, and a Julian calendar. Other features will be offered in the near future.
Jewish Time
Interactive Jewish Calendar - never be late again! From TES.
Rafi Sternís Calendar Converter
Features an easy to use applet to convert between the Hebrew and civil calendars.
Remy Landau
Science and myths about the Hebrew calendar.
Shir Hadash - Chart
Chart of the Hebrew calendar.
Shir Hadash - Facts
Facts about the Hebrew calendar.
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