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CAJE Advances Jewish Education

CAJE Conference


Each year more than 1000 Jewish educators come together to learn, sing and celebrate Jewish learning and teaching at the CAJE Annual Convention.

Participants include classroom teachers, principals, rabbis, cantors, camp and youth work personnel, academicians, writers, artists, students and lay leaders. Attendees and presenters come from North America, Israel, Europe, Australia, the U.K., Central and South America, Africa and even on occasion the Far East. CAJE brings together K'lal Yisrael - Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist and secular humanist Jews.

Hundreds of vendors of Jewish products present their wares at the convention.

About CAJE

CAJE - Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education - is the largest North American Jewish educators' organization.

The organization brings together all who are engaged in the transmission of the Jewish heritage, across the ideological spectrum and at all levels of the career ladder.

By enhancing the dignity and professional development of the Jewish teacher, CAJE works to elevate the status of Jewish education on the Jewish communal agenda.

What CAJE Offers

CAJE does much more than sponsor the annual Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education. As the largest North American membership organization serving Jewish educational personnel, it continually seeks to provide services that will facilitate its members' personal and professional development.

Throughout the year, CAJE members can:
  • Access material in the updated Curriculum Response Service, offering CAJE's entire bank of lesson plans that can be downloaded or sent through the mail to members.
  • Link to timely on-line holiday material on the seasonal "hotsheet" sent via broadcast e-mail, and or accessed through a link on the CyberCAJE homepage.
  • Order CAJE's curricular publications and Jewish Education News via the mail or on-line at www.caje.org/publications.
  • Apply for a grant of up to $10,000 for innovative educational projects, via the newly expanded CAJE Grants program that puts money into the hands of educators who have original ideas, without the help of a professional grants writer.
  • Voice opinions via an on-line Hanukat CAJE discussion group. Create ongoing connections in person or on-line to members with similar interests via the 16 CAJE Networks.
  • Attend Mini-CAJE programs held in various locations throughout the year.
  • Learn with master teachers via streaming on-line video and audio on the website.
  • Train to become a mentor for new teachers or, as a beginning Jewish educator, utilize this program to learn from a master teacher. Benefit from CAJE's new campaign to promote appreciation of Jewish educators and raise their status.
  • Gain from the CAJE's new benefits options for medical, long-term care and life insurance, available at a reasonable cost.
  • Browse through to the website's CyberExpo, which lists all Conference exhibitors alphabetically and by subject area and also provides contact information and links to their websites.
  • Find new professional opportunities at the reorganized Job Board on the CyberCAJE website.
CAJE is a catalyst for:
  • Forming a chevra - a network of nurturing and enriching relationships-to assure the Jewish teacher, "You are not alone."
  • Fostering dialogue within our diverse Jewish community.
  • Creating and sharing alternative models, methods and solutions to the concerns of Jewish education.
  • Encouraging members to further their own Jewish learning
  • Inspiring others to join the profession and calling of Jewish education.
CAJE is unique in that:
  • It brings together individuals who work at all levels of Jewish education.
  • It brings together Jews of every segment of K'lal Yisrael.
  • At the annual CAJE Conference, its members study, share, discuss, argue, dream and try to create the best possible Jewish educations.
  • Teachers comprise the core of the Coalition.
CAJE is doing a brilliant job of enhancing the professional development and dignity of the Jewish teacher. CAJE, in turn, is succeeding to elevate the status of Jewish education on the Jewish communal agenda. If assimilation is the greatest threat to the future of American Jewry, then Jewish education is the panacea in which the Jewish Community needs to invest.
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