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Conversion to Judaism

How does one go about converting to Judaism? In this section you'll find a step-by-step guide to conversion and information about each denomination's view of the conversion process.

Does Our Adopted Son Need a Brit Milah to be Jewish?
In this edition of 'Ask the Rabbi,' Rabbi Marc Disick answers a question about whether or not an adopted toddler boy must be circumcised in order to be considered Jewish.

What Is a Ger?
A Ger is a convert to Judaism. A non-Jew who wants to convert to Judaism is first discouraged so that his/her true desire to adopt Judaism and enter the Jewish community is confirmed. Learn more about conversion to Judaism.

Conversion: Cross-Denominational Differences
The different Jewish denominations disagree about the the process of conversion to Judaism. Must a convert to Judaism immerse in a mikvah (ritual bath) and undergo circumcision (brit)? Must a convert commit to an orthodox life?

Conversion to Judaism in the Reform Movement
Rabbi Jeffrey Wolfson Goldwasser discusses the process of converting to Judaism in the Reform movement.

Conversion to Judaism in the Conservative Movement
Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner talks about the process for converting to Judaism in the Conservative movement.

Conversion to Judaism in the Orthodox Movement
Rabbi Shraga Simmons describes the conversion process and recommends reading for those interested in conversion to Orthodox Judaism.

Who was Rahab?
Rahab, called a zonah (prostitute or harlot) in the Book of Joshua, is considered one of the most righteous converts to the Israelite religion (Judaism) by the rabbis.

What Are the Noahide Laws?
Many who are considering conversion to Judaism opt to commit to the seven Noahide Laws, the minimum moral duties required by the Torah for everyone.

Who Was Ovadiah the Convert?
This is the vivid 12th-century testimony of a noble, Norman religious thinker turned convert to Judaism, which was discovered among hundreds of thousands of Jewish documents in the Cairo Genizah.

Charitable Giving for Refugee Converts
Take a peek at the stories of converts to Judaism in the medieval period fleeing Christian lands and living as refugees in the community of Fustat-Misr in Egypt.

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