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Beliefs in Judaism

What do Jews believe? These sites explore key beliefs in Judaism. Topics covered include God, repentance, rabbis, goodness, freewill, love, the meaning of life, and more.
What are Judaism's Basic Beliefs?
What are the basic beliefs of Judaism? This article includes the Ten Commandments and Rambam's thirteen principles of faith.
War and Peace in Judaism
What does Judaism say about war and peace?
Aish.com: Jewish Literacy - Beliefs
A variety of articles about the key concepts in Judaism, such as God, repentance, rabbis, and more.
Aish.com: Jewish Spirituality - Foundations
Rabbi Noah Weinberg has written these articles about the foundations of Jewish spirituality. Topics covered include goodness, freewill, love, and the meaning of life.
Ethical monotheism
Dennis Prager describes ethical monotheism in concise terms. Published online by the Jewish Student Online Research Center (JSource).
Jewish Articles of Faith
Article from The Jewish Encyclopedia which is now in the public domain. Published online by the Jewish Student Research Center (JSource).
What Do Jews Believe?
Judaism 101 offers this basic article on Jewish beliefs.
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