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Ask the Orthodox Rabbi: Jewish Beliefs and Laws

An Orthodox Rabbi provides answers to questions about the Jewish beliefs and laws as provided in the Torah (Hebrew Bible) and Talmud.
Adultery - Prostitute
Does Judaism consider sexual relations between a married man and a prostitute to be adulterous?
Adultery - Unmarried or Gentile
Does Judaism consider sexual relations between a married man and an unmarried or non-Jewish women to be adulterous?
What does Judaism say about the afterlife?
What is the Jewish view of astrology?
Bad - What is the Source?
Rabbi Shraga Simmons explains Judaism's beliefs on the source of evil in the world.
Bad Things Can Happen to Good People
Rabbi Shraga Simmons explains why bad things can happen to good people.
Birth Control, Abortion
Rabbi Shraga Simmons explains Judaism's beliefs concerning birth control and abortion.
Birth Control, Overpopulation
Why doesn't Judaism promote birth control given the world's overpopulation?
Business Loans - Charging Interest
What does Judaism say about charging interest on business loans?
Care of Elderly Parents
What are the obligations of adult children and grandchildren in providing help to an elderly parent?
Chasidism versus Orthodox Judaism
What is the difference between Chasidism and Orthodox Judaism?
Chosen People
Rabbi Shraga Simmons describes Jews as the chosen people from the perspective of orthodox Judaism.
Clothing Worn by Jews
Is there a special dress associated with the Jewish religion, if there is does each item/garment have a special significance?
Conscience as Guide
What does Torah teach about the conscience? Should I let my conscience be my guide?
Creation - Finished or Continuing?
Did God complete creation or are things continually being created over and over again?
Creation versus Evolution
Does the Jewish faith accept the doctrine of evolution as opposed to creation?
Dancing Mixed
What is the orthodox view of mixed dancing?
Democracy and Judaism
What is the view of Judaism on democracy?
Dogs and Judaism
Why do orthodox Jews tend to not have dogs as pets?
Environment, Ecology
What is written in Jewish scriptures about the management of our environment - the earth, water, nature and food?
Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide
What is the Orthodox viewpoint on euthanasia?
What does Judaism say about/to a practicing Jew who has wavering faith?
Rabbi Shraga Simmons explains the concept of faith in Judaism to a conflicted Jew.
What role does fire play in Judaism?
Are there any prayers, teachings, or quotes in Jewish sources about friendship?
Heaven and Hell
What does Judaism say about heaven and hell?
Holy Cities
What cities do Jews consider to be sacred?1
Homosexual Relations
Rabbi Shraga Simmons provides the orthodox Jewish view of homosexuality.
Jewish Milestones
How would Judaism define milestones that one might try to attain at different stages in their lives?
Judaism on Child Abuse
What does the Torah and Judaism teach about child physical, sexual and emotional abuse?
Number Forty
Rabbi Shraga Simmons explains significance of the number forty throughout the Torah and the Talmud.
Organ Donation
What is the position of Judaism on organ donation?
Peace, War, Violence
What does Judaism say about war, violence and peace?
What are the views of Jewish people on poverty?
Psychics, Hypnotists, ...
What is the Jewish position regarding psychics, hypnotists and other such practioners who many consider to be conducting occult related activites?
Questions about Chasidic Judaism
How many Chasidic Jews are in the world and the United States? Is Chasidic Judaism considered part of Orthodox Judaism? Is the Chasidic population growing or shrinking?
What does Judaism say about racism?
Rambam's 13 Principles of Faith
Did Rambam himself believe in the 13 Principles of Faith in Judaism?
Does Judaism support reincarnation?
Secret to Jewish Survival
Rabbi Shraga Simmons reveals the secret to Jewish survival over the centuries despite constant persecution and oppression.
Secular Jews
What do orthodox Jews think about secular Jews?
Why is Shatnez (clothing of wool/linen blends?) prohibited?
Sick Animals
According to Judaism, what should be done with an animal that is sick and suffering?
Significance of Seven in Judaism
Rabbi Shraga Simmons answers a question about the number seven in Judaism.
Socialism and Judaism
Is the economic idea of socialism (which I believe in along with Judaism) compatible with Torah or Talmud?
What does Jewish Law say about tattoos and why?
How much should one tithe of his/her income according to Judaism?
What does Judaism say about the use of torture to gain critical information?
Tzedakah Calculation
How should one calculate the amount of tzedakah to give?
Tzedakah versus Charity
What is the difference between tzedakah and charity?
War on Iraq
Does Judaism support the U.S. attack on Iraq?
War, Violence, Peace
What does Judaism say about war, violence and peace?
Women - Status
What is the status of women in orthodox Judaism?
How does Zionism differ from Judaism?
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