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What Does Judaism Say About Pets?


Jewish Pets

Jewish Pets

Lisa Katz

What Does Judaism Say About Owning a Dog as a Pet?:

"As a child growing up in Tel Aviv, I don't believe I ever saw an Orthodox Jew (the ones with streimels, peiyes, and a Prince Albert coat) walking a dog. Is there some sort of religious reason for an aversion to dogs?"
What does Orthodox Judaism have to say?

What Does Judaism Say About Putting a Sick Pet to Sleep?:

"My Catholic wife, after agreeing to raise our children as Jews, had our daughter baptized in the Catholic Church without my knowledge or consent. Will the baptism nullify the Jewish naming we had for our daughter? Can we still raise our daughter as a Jew?"
What does Reform Judaism have to say?

What Jewish Prayers Can We Recite When Burying Our Beloved Pet Dog? :

"We will soon be putting our beloved dog to sleep as he can no longer get up on his hind legs. We will be burying him in our backyard. Does Judaism provide any prayers we can say during the burial?"
What does Conservative Judaism have to say?

Does Judaism Allow Pet Cremation?:

"I will be saying goodbye this Monday to my cat, Misty, after 17 years. I plan on having her cremated and her ashes returned to me in an urn. Someone told me that keeping a pet's cremated remains is against Jewish law. Is this true? Obviously, I hope this person is mistaken. Thank you in advance for your response."
What does Reform Judaism have to say?

Can I Walk and Clean Up After My Dog on the Sabbath (Shabbat)?:

"I need to walk my dog every day, not just to "go", but for exercise, as well. This means that a) I need to carry her leash, and b) since I pick up after her, I need to carry that until I can throw it away. Carrying "that", of all things, seems un-Shabbasdik, but surely it's worse to leave it in the street. Neglecting her basic needs constitutes cruelty. What should I do? Somehow I don't think people "walked dogs" back in the Torah!"
What does Conservative Judaism have to say?

"Why Do Some Jews Give Their Dogs Bark Mitzvah Parties?":

"A search on the Internet turned up photos of Bark Mitzvah parties in homes, gift packages for Bark Mitzvah dogs from pet stores, and invitations to Bark Mitzvah ceremonies from synagogues. Are Bark Mitzvahs actually a spiritual event in the lives of American Jews today or simply an excuse for a party?"
Read about Bark Mitzvahs
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