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American Jewry

No place or time in the Diaspora has been better for Jews than America today. This category includes articles related to American Jewry -- from names for American Jewish babies to thoughts about the high costs of living Jewishly in America.
Taglit-Birthright Israel
Taglit-Birthright Israel offers young Diaspora Jews free trips to Israel. Do you qualify for a Birthright Israel tour? What is the trip's agenda and goals? Is the program successful?
American Jews and Obama
Barack Obama succeeded to gain more than three-quarters of the Jewish vote. Why did the Republican's anti-Obama campaign in the Jewish community fail? Why do so many American Jews support Obama?
Rahm Emanuel
Who is Rahm Emanuel? Rahm Emanuel, a Jewish Democrat from Chicago, Illinois, has accepted the position of the Chief of Staff in the Obama administration.
American Jewish History in a Nutshell
This succinct description of American Jewish History describes the roots of today's American Jewish community.
Henrietta’s Hadassah
Hadassah, The Women's Zionist Organization of America, is the largest Jewish organization in American history and the most successful American women's volunteer organization. Hadassah’s founder, Henrietta Szold, will forever be an inspiration.
Reconciling Tradition and Modernity
Modern Orthodox Jews in America today strive to find a way to live traditionally in the modern world. In his article “Orthodox Paradox” (The New York Times, July 22, 2007), Harvard University law professor Noah Feldman writes about the contradictions he has encountered in a Modern Orthodox Jewish community struggling to “be modern while simultaneously cleaving to tradition.”
The High Cost of Jewish Living in America
Jewish education, synagogue membership, and kosher food are just some of the costs incurred by Americans who want to lead a Jewish life in America today. How much does it cost American Jews to live as Jews?
Snapshot of American Jewry
In sum, what does the $6 million National Jewish Population Survey - published in 2000-2001 - says about American Jewry?
Jewish American Heritage Month
President George W. Bush proclaimed May 2007 as Jewish American Heritage Month. The proclamation recognizes the contributions that American Jewry have made to the United States. Like other Heritage months, it encourages American cultural and educational institutions to promote learning about and celebration of American diversity.
Who was the first Jew in America?
Who was the first Jew to arrive to the newly discovered American continent? In 1585, Joachim Gaunse, a Jewish metallurgist and mining engineer from Prague, landed in Virginia as part of Sir Walter Raleigh's Roanoke expedition.
American Nazis
The level of anti-Semitic incidents in North America today is a source of concern. These acts are fueled by Racist and Neo-Nazi organizations, such as the National Socialist Movement (NSM), which take advanage of America's Constitutional guarantee for freedom of speech. Learn more about American Nazis.
Population of Jews in the United States of America
Population of Jews in the United States of America
American Jewry Today
The National Jewish Population Survey (NJPS) 2000-01, a $6 million study undertaken by The United Jewish Communities, is said to give the most comprehensive, reliable picture of American Jewry to date. This page summarizes the study's main findings.
High Cost of Jewish Living in America
How much does it costs American Jews to maintain a Jewish way of life (synagogue membership, kosher food, Jewish schools and camps, ...) in America today?
Bark Mitzvahs for Dogs
Are Bark Mitzvahs for dogs actually spiritual events in the lives of American Jews today or simply excuses for a party?
Naming your American Jewish Baby
It has become customary for American Jewish parents to give their children two names - a secular name for everyday use and a Hebrew name for religious purposes. You can surf here to find a comprehensive and accurate list of Hebrew names and their meanings. FAQ about Jewish naming customs is also included.
Anti-Israel Rallies on American Campuses
Anti-Israel rallies on American campuses have the potential to affect the opinions of young Americans, with voting power and the potential to become leaders in the world's most powerful country, who are not well informed about Israel and the situation in the Middle East.
Jewish Law on Terri Schiavo's Feeding Tube
What does Jewish Law (Halacha) say about the withdrawal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube?
George Soros Blames Jews for Anti-Semitism
Do we have to listen to George Soros speak just because he happens to be Jewish and a billioniare? Soros addressed a Jewish audience for the first time ever and blamed Jews such as himself, Bush and Sharon for today's resurging anti-Semitism.
American Jews Split on School Vouchers
While some Jews feel making Jewish day schools more affordable is the answer to Jewish continuity, other Jews believe the school voucher program will damage public education, relations between Jews and non-Jews, and American democracy.
Joseph Lieberman for V.P.
What does Joseph Lieberman's candidacy for vice president mean for Jews in America and worldwide?
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