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American Jewish Thanksgiving

Some American Jews have found creative ways to incorporate their Jewish heritage into their celebration of Thanksgiving.
About Kosher Food: Kosher Thanksgiving Menu and Recipes
Whether you live in America or Israel, the Thanksgiving menu is delicious and satiating. Enjoy this kosher Thanksgiving menu and recipes.
A Jewish Ceremony for Celebrating Thanksgiving
This Jewish Ceremony for Celebrating Thanksgiving was written by Robert Kaiser.
Should Jews Celebrate Thanksgiving?
I get an occassional email from someone Jewish asking me if it is okay for them to celebrate Thanksgiving. In response, I have explained in this article why it is both permissable and appropriate for Jews to celebrate Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!
The First Jew in America
Who was the first Jew to arrive to the newly discovered American continent? In 1585, Joachim Gaunse, a Jewish metallurgist and mining engineer from Prague, landed in Virginia as part of Sir Walter Raleigh's Roanoke expedition.
Is Turkey Kosher?
Kashrut.com has published this article by Rabbi Ari Z. Zivotofsky. How does turkey, a "new" species of fowl, present a significant halachic challenge? 
Lots to be Thankful for - Thanksgiving
Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky, Executive Director of The Jewish Outreach Institute (JOI), shares Thanksgiving thoughts.
RitualWell.org: Thanksgiving Prayers
Jews can be grateful on the secular holiday of Thanksgiving for the bounty they enjoy and for their religious freedom. RitualWell.org provides a variety of Jewish prayers that can be recited at your Thanksgiving table.
Thanksgiving in American Memory
This article includes an interesting excerpt from Herman Spector's description of a 1939 Jewish Thanksgiving in New York City.
Thanksgiving Reflections
Did you know there is a connection between the Biblical Hebrew words for "thanks" (odeh) and "Jews" (Yehudim)? This "Thanksgiving Reflections" pamphlet, which was published by the United Synagogue of Conservative Movement, offers interesting information about Thanksgiving and Judaism.
Aish.com: Giving Thanks
Chana (Jenny) Weisberg inspires us to be thankful for the "together" times we experience every day.
Thanksgiving: A Secular or Religious Holiday?
This article discusses the halachic issues related to celebrating Thanksgiving. 
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