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Aliyah - Immigration to Israel

Aliyah means "ascent, going up." When someone immigrates to Israel, it is called in Hebrew "making aliyah." Read about the importance of aliyah to Israel and the challenge of making aliyah to Israel.
Nefesh B'Nefesh Aliyah: The Americans are Coming!
A Florida-based organization called Nefesh B'Nefesh (NBN) provides olim, immigrants to Israel, from North America with money grants and job placement help. Hopefully with the backing of NBN, these Nefesh olim will have a smooth transition into Israeli society.
Nefesh B'Nefesh Aliyah
Nefesh B'Nefesh immigrants to Israel (olim) are unique in that they are being offered one-time grants of $5,000 to $25,000 to help them make aliyah. In my opinion ...
Conservative FAQ: Aliyah after a Reform Conversion
Can a Reform convert make aliyah, immigrate to Israel?
Orthodox FAQ: Orthodox Convert needs Aliyah Information
Where can an orthodox convert get information about making aliyah (immigrating to Israel)?
The Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel is a volunteer organization that has served North American olim for over 40 years. Their counselors will give you practical advice about employment, housing, rights and other information.
AACI Israel - JobNet
If you are seeking employment in Israel, here is an up-to-date online database of available opportunities.
MFA: Aliya & Absorption
From the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, a history of the modern ingathering of the exiles, from the First Aliya that followed Russian pogroms to Operation Solomon that airlifted Ethiopia's Jewish community.
Aliyah Offices in North America
Contact information in your area.
Computer Jobs in Israel
How much can you earn in Israel? If you have the skills, Israel has the jobs. Jacob Richman's excellent site offers you a biweekly newsletter, job postings and real time offers.
Electrical Guide for Israel
Megavolt is a free electrical information site that provides answers to most questions concerning electrical issues in Israel for residents, immigrants and visitors. The site includes valuable tips, important information for both visitors and residents, FAQs, interesting articles, and much more.
Embracing a Dream: Exodus to Israel
Interesting article from the Miami Herald reprinted on the Jacob Richman website. "Israelis seem incredulous that anyone would voluntarily trade the material comforts and almost airtight national security of the United States for Israel's high cost of living and safety concerns."
English Speaking Residents Association, Israel
ESRA is a group of English-Speaking volunteers in Israel, founded in 1979, who help those needing help, when and where help is needed. Website has information about the organization's many various projects.
The only comprehensive online Israel Real Estate Directory. Site has listings of rentals, land, lawyers and taxation information.
Israel Aliyah Center
The official website of the Israel Aliyah Center of Los Angeles offers you resources, answers to frequently asked questions, and a small directory of L.A. Olim.
Kumah (arise) is an organization of students from universities across America and Canada that promotes aliya. Through an array of projects, Kumah seeks to invigorate the Jews of the Diaspora - particularly young people - with a new vision of Israel and innovative plans for Aliya.
Ministry of Immigrant Absorption
Official information on Aliyah, immigration, absorption and integration in Israel. Provides assistance, publications, statistics and research
Nefesh B'Nefesh
This is the official site of Nefesh B’Nefesh, an organization committed to help remove the financial, professional, and logistical obstacles that prevent many prospective immigrants to Israel from North America from fulfilling their dream of Aliyah.
Parents of North American Israelis
Organization that serves as a bridge between families in the United States and Canada and children and grandchildren in Israel.
Shipping Consolidators
Use this ShippingConsolidators.com site to find the lowest quotes for shipping to and from Israel.
Still Crazy: Why We Made Aliyah
For two thousands years of exile, Jews had cried and prayed to return to the land. Now we can do it just by hopping on a plane, so why don't we? From Aish HaTorah.
Teen To Teen
Teenagers write this virtual magazine about life in Israel, the aliyah experience, the best felafel stand in Jerusalem and more. Enter!
Tehilla is a non-political, independent organization dedicated to the facilitation and promotion of religious Aliyah. Website includes info on pilot trips, housing and employment.
Telfed - South African Zionist Federation
Life in Israel as seen by former South Africans - both objectively and informatively. Information on jobs, housing, people, sports and more.
WUJS Institute - Arad
Official website of the International Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies located in Arad. Learn about their exciting program.
WZO Aliyah Info
From the World Zionist Organization - comprehensive information about aliyah preparations, rights of new olim, ulpanim, army, jobs, housing and tachlis (real advice). Excellent site.
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