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What are the 613 commandments? - Judaism - About.com
Most people are well aware of the 10 commandments, or mitzvot, that Christianity and Judaism both follow closely. What many do not know is that Judaism has ...
The Four Mitzvot of Purim - Judaism - About.com
There are four major mitzvot, or commandments, associated with Purim. Do you know what they are?
Mezuzah - What, Why and How of Mezuzot - Judaism - About.com
Vehaya (Deuteronomy 11:13-21) assures us of God's compensation if we fulfill his commandments (mitzvot). It is a Torah commandment to hang mezuzot on our  ...
What Is the Torah? (Judaism's Most Important Text)
The Torah is Judaism's most important text. It contains the Five Books of Moses and is the source of the Ten Commandments and the 613 mitzvot.
What Do Jews Believe? - Jewish Beliefs - Judaism - About.com
It contains stories and commandments that teach us about life and death. It contains the 10 Commandments as well as the 613 commandments (mitzvot).
What Does It Mean to "Become a Bat Mitzvah?" - Judaism - About.com
Performing Mitzvot: Jewish children are not required to perform mitzvot (plural for mitzvah, meaning "commandments"). While they are encouraged to fulfill as ...
Conversion Controversy - Judaism - About.com
The Orthodox believe the convert must accept the yoke of the Torah's commandments (kabbalat ol mitzvot), be immersed in a ritual bath (tevilah) in the presence ...
Torah - Agnosticism/Atheism - About.com
According to Jewish beliefs, the Torah contains 613 commandments (mitzvot), of which the Ten Commandments are considered the most important. According to ...
All About Judaism - 10 Basic Questions and Answers about Judaism
What is Judaism's most sacred text? The Torah is Judaism's holiest text. It contains the Five Books of Moses as well as the 613 commandments (mitzvot) and the ...
Hasidic Judaism - Ultra-Orthodox Jews - Hasidism - About.com
The Hasidic movement is unique in its focus on the joyful observance of God's commandments ( mitzvot ), heartfelt prayer and boundless love for God and the ...
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