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Hillel was a teacher and a founder of a school (Beit Hillel) in the first century B.C.E. 

Hillel was born in Babylonia. At age forty, he went to live in Jerusalem. There he became the spiritual leader (Nasi) of the Jews from about 30 B.C.E to 10 C.E.

Many of Hillel's decisions concerning Jewish Law (Halacha) were recorded in the Mishnah and Talmud. Interpretations of Jewish Law (Halacha) handed down by Hillel's school (Beit Hillel) tended to be more liberal than those of the Shammai school (Beit Shammai).

When asked by a non-Jew to relate all the Torah had to say while standing on one foot, Hillel replied, "Do not unto your neighbor what you would not have him do until you; this is the whole Law; the rest is commentary." 

Hillel is remembered by Jews as being scholarly and saintly. The traditional grave of Hillel is located at Merom.

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