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The Bible and Suicide

3000 Years of Jerusalem History
One City, Many Conquerers (135-1860)

After their conquest of Jerusalem (which they renamed Aelia Capitolina), the Romans erased all traces of the Jews who used to live there. Then they rebuilt the city as a pagan city, full of statues of Roman emperors and gods.

324 Constantine becomes emperor in Byzantium
614 Persians conquer Jerusalem
638 Muslims conquer Jerusalem
1099 Crusaders conquer Jerusalem
1167 Saladin conquers Jerusalem
1260 Mamelukes conquer Jerusalem
1517 Ottomans conquer Jerusalem
1838 Britain opens consulate in Jerusalem

During this 1700 year period, Jews never regained control over Jerusalem, but they were continuously present as a minority. In the midst of grand mosques for the Muslims and churches for the Christians, small synagogues existed for the city's Jews.

Information from The Sources of Jerusalem, Chaim Feder and Laura Janner-Klausner, Education Matters Ltd., Jerusalem.

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~ Lisa Katz

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