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Around the World With Haroset

By March 11, 2010

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While haroset is a required item on your seder plate, there's nothing that says it has to be made of the standard apples, nuts and wine. Check out these haroset ingredients from around the world, courtesy of Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner and JewishFreeware.org:

  • Babylon (Saadia Gaon): 1 cup date syrup to 4 cup crushed nuts, 1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds, 4  cup wine vinegar.
  • Bukhara: walnuts, almonds, dates, raisins, apples, sweet wine.
  • Greece: almonds, raisins mashed in vinegar, pepper, good pinch of finely ground brick.
  • India: dates cooked into a syrup and sprinkled with ground walnuts.
  • Ireland: apples, cinnamon, sweet wine, almonds.
  • Italy: bananas, dates, apples, walnuts, orange including peel, sweet Malaga wine, matzah meal.
  • Morocco: seven species. Also dates, almonds, other nuts, pomegranate seeds, figs, wine, cinnamon.
  • Persia: dates, pistachios, almonds, apples, raisins, orange, banana, pomegranate seeds, sweet wine,  vinegar, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper.
  • Syria: dates cooked to a jam consistency.
  • Turkey: sweet apples, dates, raisins, juice and grated zest of orange, wine, sugar, walnuts.

You can download the entire list (which is part of a packet containing activities, recipes and history) by clicking here. Enjoy!

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